Robert Bruce for State Senate

Sign the Petition to ask Senator Chuck Thomsen to stand with Oregon families instead of insurance companies and return $25,000 given to his campaign by insurance companies since 2010.

 "As an advocate for everyday Oregonians in the Legislature, I’ve seen how much influence the insurance lobby has on the political process in Salem. My opponent has a history of standing with big corporations while ignoring the needs of working people in our community. The voters in our district deserve leaders who will stand with them, not politicians who bow to pressure from big banks and insurance companies.” Please sign the petition to ask Senator Thomsen to do what is right for Oregonians and read more about Robert Bruce's call to action here



“I’m not a professional politician; I’m a construction and project manager and local businessperson who has gone through the same ups and downs as many other folks have in my community in recent years and I want to fight for our priorities in Salem.”

Robert Bruce is running for the State Senate in Senate District 26 encompassing all of Hood River county as well as parts of Multnomah and Clackamas Counties. As small businesses continue to struggle and our schools still aren’t getting the funding they need, Robert will fight for our priorities in Salem.

“We can do better and we must do better, and that’s why I’m running for the Oregon Senate.”